NWC upgrades re-entry vehicle simulators
NWC upgrades re-entry vehicle simulators
07 09/16
By: AFNWC Public Affairs Office, Sep 7, 2016

Air Force technicians maintaining nuclear re-entry vehicle systems will soon have upgraded training simulators to help them succeed in their mission of strategic deterrence.

The center’s ICBM program office delivered the first two of 10 modified MK12A re-entry vehicle training simulators to Air Force Global Strike Command in early August. These improved simulators provide a higher fidelity experience for the technicians sustaining the nuclear warheads in the U.S. Air Force’s inventory.

“With this updated training equipment, our Airmen will be better prepared to sustain the MK12A re-entry vehicle in the field and perform their strategic nuclear deterrence mission,” said Col. Scott Jones, director of the ICBM Systems Directorate at the Nuclear Weapons Center. “Our personnel are proud to deliver these updated simulators because our focus is always on supporting the warfighters.”

First developed in 1969 for the MK12 re-entry vehicle, the simulators were last modified in 1979 to incorporate the electrical checkout capabilities of the modified MK12A re-entry vehicle. Until now, the majority of the training simulators had both outdated MK12 and operational MK12A capabilities, while some had the original MK12 capabilities.

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